Lots of young babies in all colors coming up! Scroll down for photos of our current babies and please bookmark our page to check back for new photos of young available kittens that are not yet posted. 10% discount off listed price on most kittens if paying in full the day you reserve your kitten. Open payment link next to kitten's photo (with no obligation) to view discount - it will be reflected in the payment link if offered on that kitten.

Beautiful, cuddly Ragdoll kittens available in blue and seal in colorpoint, mitted and bicolor patterns, some with lynx (tabby striping). Blue-eyed traditional Ragdolls, aqua-eyed mink Ragdolls and rare sepia Ragdolls, and all are TICA-Registered . Contact us by phone at 417-259-2666 or email us at or . We'll gladly help you find your perfect Ragdoll baby!

Below are photos of our currently available Ragdoll kittens. (Small babies often have milk-stains around their mouths which will disappear once weaned). If you don't see your preferred color or pattern, please email us as we usually have young litters coming on. Photos of our Adult Ragdoll Breeder cats can be viewed on the "Photo Gallery" page. Kittens may be reserved with a credit or debit card by clicking the 'Purchase' link next to their photograph. 
Deposit payments are also accepted for future kittens or if more time is needed to pay the balance of the purchase price - please call or email us and we'll gladly email you a deposit link.  Kittens reserved younger than 8 weeks of age need to be paid in full by 8 weeks of age. Thank you for visiting our precious Rag-babies!